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Ravi Drugan is a professional monoskiier based in Eugene, OR. His story with monoskiing and extreme sports began when he was in a train accident at the age of 15. He remembers nothing about the incident, only waking up in the hospital the next day. It was a miracle he survived, doctors believe he was mugged and left on the tracks, however he lost his legs.

It was then that his father introduced extreme sports into his life, and he's been an adrenaline junkie ever since. Ravi's first day on a monoski brought him down a blac diamond run. He trains nearly every day he isn't on the mountain. In 2014 he won a bronze medal at the X-Games, and he is a regular competitor. Ravi is an inspiration for the community of people with disabilities and adaptive sports lovers in Oregon and everywhere. Above all, he's a guy who loves to have fun.
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